Monday, April 2, 2007

Rest and Relaxation

We just got back from our trip to Pocono Palace or the land of love, as they like to call it. The wife and I had some alone time together and it was long over due and well worth it. We have been to the Poconos a number of times before and we always have a great time. It is a bit on the tacky, dated side but how can you go wrong with a heart shaped pool and a champagne glass jacuzzi in your room. I ate too much, drank too much and did other stuff just enough. We went driving in the mountains to see if we could find a candle shop that we stumbled across a couple of trips past. It was this great shop with rows and rows of candles in every possible scent, these huge double scented, double wicked things that were scented from cotton candy to the cliched french vanilla. We motored up down the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, but we just didn't make it up the right hill to find that particular shop. What we did find the road that could lead us to The Promise Land. An actually green and white road sign came out of nowhere and pointed us onto the road to salvation. Yes, I thought, just like you, that prayers and good deeds would get you there but no a tank of gas and a good GPS is all you need. Needless to say we opted not to turn.

This trip was the first time we left the munchkin with her grandmother for more than one night and it was a bit traumatic for my wife. I had a slight bit of apprehension only in sense of would she go to sleep for my mom the second night after the novelty of it all wore off or would she remember that someone other than her mom or dad can take her to do potty. My wife for some reason felt that we were being negligent parents, it's something that she got over very quickly once we got there and took our first dip in the pool. I think that as long as we leave her with someone responsible and not the descendants of the Mason clan we are doing our jobs as parents.

On the poker front I have been splitting time between playing some heads up sit'ngos, single table sit'ngos and some of the split games. I have haven't really played many heads up games and I sometimes like them. I have found if I can take the lead early I can dispatch the other guy most of the time before we even get out of the first level. It is interesting to see what some people will play and if you have any sense of how to play you position in spite of your cards you can exploit some pretty bad play. If you get some one who plays to tight and doesn't know to raise on the button, unless he has some premium cards, you can steal blinds with just about anything. The fact is that when playing heads up you really do have to be willing to die in order to live. You have to stick your neck out sometimes knowing you are taking the worst of it and hoping to win the coin flip races. I just got tired of having my pockets Jacks running into Aces or Kings at least fours times in the last week. I may never play them again, well not this week, ask me again after I bust someone on a weak Ace or something the like.

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