Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not Enough Time

I haven't had as much time once again to post as much a I would like and I also haven't had as much time to play poker as I would like. It seems that every time that I get a chance to play something in the back of my head is making me tentative to play, maybe it's because there is something else important I should be doing. Let's just being with the fact that a couple of Sundays ago we had the nor'easter tear through and leave several gallons of water in my carpet in the basement and spend the five days hoping that the new dehumidifier would suck it out 60 pints at a time (I know it was wishful thinking). I finally decide for the safety of my family so they would not die of mold poisoning, is there such a thing, I would rip out the carpet and clean out the basement. Now we can start using it as an office for my wife, TV/Playroom for the munchkin and a computer area for me to play poker. Now we can remove the laptops from the kitchen table and reclaim it for the purpose it was intended for.

I guess the time we spend making our lives better and more productive is always time well spend. I would rather have more time than more money because money can always be replaced but the time lost can never be replaced. I really enjoy playing poker even with the ups and downs in my bankroll. I have also learned a bunch about myself while playing, poker has become a mirror for my life, but I would never sacrifice the time I get to spend with my family for any game because that is too important to me. Right now I have been very fortunate to be working afternoon to evenings hours at my job because I get to spend most of the waking hours with my daughter and even though I don't get to read her a bedtime story, I do get to go to gym class, music class and just hang out with her at the beach in the summer more then most dads do. I have made career choice that might not seem right to some other people but the time these first years of her life that I have been able spend with her are worth more money than I could have earned in a high powered career.

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