Thursday, April 19, 2007

40 years and 1 week or so

I made it through the first week of the second half of my life and the funny thing is that I don't feel any older than I did a week ago or even a couple of years ago. My hair started turning gray a few years ago which I guess is better than the rest of my family, my Mom and Sister went gray in their twenties and even though my Father didn't go gray until his late thirties most of it had fallen out by his mid-twenties, shortly after my sister was born. Now that I'm thinking about it the bulk of the gray turning happened after my daughter was born. What's going to happen when she turns twelve and wants to go to the mall with her "boyfriend"? Let me get her in kindergarten first I'll worry about that later.

On the poker scene I have been sticking with the Omaha8 game and added some Pot Limit play to that and I have had some success in the low limits. I am not sure if I like playing this versus the limit game I will give it a few more goes and see what happens. I am going to continue to add some sit'ngos to the mix when I can dedicate more than a half an hour to my play. My real life just keeps getting in the way of my poker life but I guess with the hours I work, a three year old and everything that goes with it, that's just the way it goes. If I could win Powerball I could do whatever the hell I want but when you can't even match one lousy number...well need I say more. Is there such thing as Powerball tilt?

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