Sunday, January 27, 2008

Poker not So Resolved

I have been thinking about this for more then I should have and I have only come up with one simple thing; I resolve in '08 to have more of a bankroll at the start of '09 then I did at the end of '07. Simple, no fuss no muss. How I do that is another story and I am stilling trying to resolve what I will do to get there. Do I play more Limit Hold'em or O/8 or do I switch to PLO or Stud. I have been mixing it up with PLO and I have to say I am trying to have the stomach for the ups and down, but the way O/8 had been treating me the last couple of weeks of last year anything is better. I will just play smart and get in in with the best of it and hope variance doesn't rear its ugly head and spank be stupid.

I have been giving work and life a whole bunch of thought these days and the ground work is being laid down. It will be exciting once I get there. I haven't written as much as I would like to but finding my voice both on paper and in poker is ultimately the highest goal I would like to achieve this year. Clear out the cobwebs, quiet the monkey brain and become one with myself and the rest will take care of itself.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Life Resolve

With the new year now into its third day I have thought about what I resolve to get accomplished in my personal life. The Munchkin is on the verge of her 4th birthday and she has been the joy of my life and could not imagine my place in this world without her being a part of it. I have made some sacrifices in my professional life so I could spend as much time as possible with her during these first few years of her life. I plan to continue to be that positive influence in her life. This really isn't a new resolution because it has always been my plan all along but I think it is important to reaffirm it every once in awhile.

I also resolve to get in touch with some old friends that I haven't had much contact with in far to long. Even though having a child does change that it really is only an excuse. I miss socializing with friends. I have never been one to be set in my ways but that is what has happened because that is the nature of being a parent. I just have to make the effort to reach out and initiate the action. Even if it is just have someone over for coffee that is more then I have been doing for far too long.

In my marriage I would just like to get more alone time with my wife. We tend to be running in so many different directions, and for good reason, that we just don't get to be a couple instead of a parental unit enough.

Also I resolve to take more pictures, which may seem ironic since I fashion myself as a amateur photography with professional aspirations. I just need to make the camera an extension of me.

Mostly I resolve to just make the time to do what is really important in life as oppose to just waiting for it to happen.

Next post I'll make my poker resolution but I have a feeling it will be a reiteration of these last two post as it should be since the game tends to be a mirror of your life.