Sunday, January 14, 2007

My HORSE crosses the line...

HORSE once again is treating my well and I don't really know if I am playing well or the rest of the players are playing so badly. I take it but I really have to do some analysis of my play and see what is what. I am playing the lowest limits there are right now and I have been doing some hit and runs and rack up a tidy little profit. I have taken a beating on playing Omaha8 in the last few months. I got into situations where I pushed hands to hard and took things to far when I could tell I was beat. I seem to be doing ok though while playing HORSE, I think the low limit games have attracted mostly Hold'em players and they haven't taken the time to learn the games before they start. Seeing just 10 hands around is no substitute the thousand of hands I have seen, even if I have lost at them, well not all of them. I've always done fairly good at Stud and all of its variations so I have a 3 out 5 game advantage and I always like those odds. For right now like I said I will take the wins and slowly rebuild my bankroll one win at a time

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The First of Many

I have decided to take up the blogging thing here and see how it goes. My ramblings will be mostly about poker but I will also be bring up topics that I like, be it politics, home life, or whatever random thoughts that I have.

I have been playing poker online for the past few years and have not been able to quit my day job as of yet but it has been an interesting experience and I hope to share some of my ups and downs with you all here. I also enjoy playing live up at Foxwoods whenever I get a chance. I am primarily a low limit Hold’em player there right now. I would have a better bankroll from those trips if I had just stuck to playing the low limit Hold’em games instead of getting greedy and using my profits to buy-in to their tournaments. The structure for the low buy in tourneys sucks, the blind increase to quick compared to stack size and the vig is awful. I have been able to make it fairly deep in each one I have played but I have been able to make it past the bubble.

Hopefully I will be able to have some fun here and sharing whatever it is that we all think is worth sharing.