Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tilt, FreeCell, Work or Poker...

I think my play has been affected by the losing streak I have been experiencing playing FreeCell. I have had a 72% n rate playing over 3,000 games and I have just drop to 70% and I think it is becoming toxic to my poker game. I think all of the card gods are lining up to so me in and I don't know what type of sacrifice I need to offer them in order to change their minds. Should I dance naked under the full moon and offer poker chips up to the four elements? Should I burn green candles on a poker table and use smudge stick of sage to banish the bad vibrations? Maybe I should just look at my play in all of my games, and life, and analyze what is that I may or may not be doing right or wrong.

Actually I think most of what I have been going through in my poker game has been a direct reflection of what has been going on in my life. I think I have most everything figured out and then something comes up that just throws that into the ditch. I thought that the time I have put into my job was going to pay off with some recognition and advancement once it was presented to me. I was handed a bad beat this week. I just may have not had thought how important table image is and that even though you think that you are perceived one way you have to look at yourself through the eyes of the other players. I haven't been able to think on that level all of the time when playing and I haven't really give it much thought in my job. What I am getting at is that everything is interconnected and haven't thought about the fact that the energy at work has been carried over into my poker game and vice versa. I think one of the reason I am a better live player is that I have to drive 2 hours and really want to make the most of it and I play smart so my effort is not wasted. I have to think about the fact that when I sit down at the computer and play online that this time is important, not just to kill time before going to bed, if I play just to fill time then I might as well go to bed and save some money. I also have to approach my job in that manner, even if the situation isn't what I hope it is I have to find a reason that is more than collecting a paycheck to be there. I have been on work tilt for awhile and the situation I’m in isn't anyone’s fault other than my own. Even though things haven't work out for the best I have to get off tilt and be more positive about it

Anyway, I may still dance naked under the moon and burn some sage because hell it could be fun and what could it hurt.

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