Saturday, February 24, 2007

RAZZ this

I have had every intention to keeping this blog up and running but as we can see from my list of entries it hasn't really happened. I haven't been able to commit the time and effort that has been needed. I have been experiencing some upheaval at my job and have gotten the royal screw over, at least for the time being. Poker playing has been relatively good January has seen an increase in my bankroll all thanks to fish hunting on the low limit HORSE tables on FullTilt. I ended the month up, which hasn't happened in a long time mostly to the Razz hands. I have an overall +EV in this of all games. So in my infinite wisdom I thought I would spend one afternoon playing just that Razz. Well, needless to say I gave most of it back in a very painfully way but is there any other way to lose in this game. Razz is a great game if you have chasers but some days all of their draws and miracle card land in their hands in not in yours and that was what I felt was happening to me last Sunday. I looked over my hand history and for the most part I had the best of it going to the river on most hands and someone always seemed to sneak by with a slightly better hand. I'd have a 76 and someone would have the 75 or I would have 6543A and the other guy would have 6532A it was just the story of day and is how it goes. It's the joys and anguish of this game so I will stick to playing it in HORSE for the time being when all of the Hold'em and Omaha guys play a rough 8 and 9 against my smooth 7. Instead of playing against people who actually know what it is that they are doing. I thought I knew what it was that I was doing but maybe I was wrong

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