Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not much going on

I haven't really been doing much of anything, the munchkin is doing all her stuff and we are getting a break from all the parent-tot classes for a while and I will be trying to spend as much time with her at the park or the beach in the morning before I go to work while the weather is nice. I haven't really been playing much online I am grinding it out on the O8 and Stud8 tables and building my bankroll back up slowly. I have set monetary benchmarks to hit before I move up a level and sticking to it, unlike in the past when I got ahead of myself and decimated my bankroll. I would like to play some more tourneys but my work schedule still is not conducive to that. I am still itching to get up to Foxwoods, I haven't been able to play live in over six months and my live bankroll is burning a hole in my lock box downstairs in the basement. I just heard that the are running a $3,000 buy in deep stack tourney up there and you can satellite in starting at $60, next tourney is on July 19th I'll see if I can get up there soon.

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