Saturday, June 23, 2007

No Shoes, No Service...

I standing there at the gas pump looking around as I was annoyed with the fact that the little thingie that allows me to clean my windows while I am pumping gas was missing and I had to hold the lever. A white Bonneville pulls up and what I notice first is that the man getting out of the car is not wearing shoes. This isn't to odd because it is summer here on the coast of Connecticut and the guy was wearing shorts. It was odd that he chose to wear tube socks to compliment his shorts but chose not to wear any shoes. He was also wearing an astounding obvious toupee, so his sense of style was definitely impaired. I have accepted the fact that I am 40 years old, my hair is slowly turning gray which I can also accept and it also may be thinning on top which, for me, is a bit harder to accept. My father was bald and I used to tell him that I never wanted to lose my hair, I started telling him this I think when I was 3 years old. My father came of age in the fifties and if you could have seen the head of hair he had all slicked up in a curly pompadour you would think he would have bought a toupee when he went bald. He never did and he also was never a victim of the dreaded comb over. I always admired him for the fact that he was so self assured that hair on his never made him feel any less of a man. So, I can tell you for sure that I will never pull into a Cumberland Farms store to buy my lottery tickets or a six pack in white late model American sedan wearing a toupee, shorts and tube socks with no shoes. I will definitely be driving a BMW ;)

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BurnleyMik said...

LOOOL @ the dreaded comb-over. Sounds like this guy was a real fashion guru! ;o)

At least it made you smile!

Nice blog work too.