Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holy Crap...

It's been over three months since my last post and I don't think anyone noticed. That's ok because it is mostly mental masturbation for me and it is really just a creative outlet to clear the monkey brain that is my mind.

Let me sum up:

Poker sucking and I have lost some passion for online play. Haven't gotten up to Foxwoods since last post anyway and seriously craving some live action.

Work is just going, no better no worst. The new Karate class is coming along, I just wish I had a few more students but that all may change soon. Something is in the works, more once I know.

Munchkin is great as always, the wife is good as well and has come to the conclusion that we need to do something about the environment that we live and I am all for that even though it means a bunch of manual labor on my part.

If anyone out there cares about what I have to say just drop me an email or a comment so I can decide if I have to be truly creative or just write to amuse myself.

Goodnight and Good Luck!!!

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Pud's Poker said...

One reader here mate! I too am looking at changing the environment me and my family live in. It's not terrible but I just hate the area we live in mainly because nobody has any drive to better themselves. As long as they have money for beer and drugs at the weekend they don't care how or where they live.

Hope the updates start to be more frequent!