Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

You get an extra day every four years and how do we spend it? I am going to go out with my wife and munchkin for dinner to celebrate our legal wedding anniversary. Legal you say, what do you mean? My wife and I consider our wedding day to be the last day of July 1999 we had a pig roast and pool party and let everyone that we love and care for know what our intentions were towards each other, but we didn't make it legal. It was a Handfasting and if you know what that is then I won't explain, if you don't, then that is for another post. It was on our honeymoon in the U.S.V.I. that we pick the date of February 29, 2000 to let the state know that we were a couple. The appeal of the date was that 2/29/00 only comes around every 400 years. Normally century marks are not leap years for some reason that I can't explain. So we got a friend who was also a Justice of the Peace and went to a Irish pub, ad libbed a service of I dos, drank copious amounts of Guinness and accepted the fact that we could now file a joint tax return.

Four years later on our "1st" year anniversary my wife was three days from her due date to giving birth to our munchkin. Well, she didn't come until almost two weeks later, but we had a nice dinner and prepared for how our lives would change very soon.

So even though we have actually have been married for 8 years we will always do something special every four years to mark this occasion. This extra day is a gift and you should all do something outside the box or special because you only get an extra 24 four hours every four years. We are going to introduce our nearly 4 year old daughter to the simple pleasure that is Japanese Hibachi and toast our 2nd anniversary for the second time. What will you do?

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